Dr François BRUCHOU

Chirurgien orthopédiste - membre supérieur


Francois Bruchou is an upper-limb surgeon, particularly specialised in shoulder and elbow surgery. He was born on October 28th, 1966 at Suresnes in France. He was introduced to the world of medicine from a young age by his father who worked as an orthopaedic surgeon. Francois studied medicine in Paris and completed his residency years specifically focused on hand and arthroscopic surgeries. At 55 years old, married with 3 kids, Francois has created one of the most biggest centers of private practice of hand surgery (SOS Hand) at Trappes, close to Western Paris, with the help of his 2nd associate Dr Christian Couturier. Currently, this orthopaedic center in the West of Paris has one of the largest activity with 15 associated orthopaedic surgeons. Francois also practices at Clinique Cherest at Neuilly, France, where he created the French shoulder institute (l’Institut Français de l’Epaule) that focuses on trauma care, sport injuries, and arthritis. He is developing a collaboration with Dr Valenti at the Clinique Bizet, in the 16th district of Paris, in order to create a center of shoulder surgery education. Francois was affiliated to the Ambroise Paré University Hospital in Boulogne until 2015. Given his love for teaching, he will provide classes for Professor Hardy for the surgery school Fer à Moulin in Paris in the form of “live surgeries” from a number of countries around the world. He will also participate in the development of arthroscopic surgery in many countries through the training of one orthopaedic surgeon per year of the University Diploma of Arthroscopy organised by the French Arthroscopy Society. These activities have always been uncompensated. Francois voluntarily participated in these activities that have always been uncompensated. He went through a significant change in his professional and personal life by spending 4 years in Western China with his family to teach arthroscopic shoulder surgery, a practice that didn’t exist in this region of China. He established Franco-Chinese collaborations with French orthopaedic societies. He then followed his wife to Dubai where he exercised part time with his activity in France up until the pandemic during which he focused on his French activity in order to create “Office Surgeries” (WALANT surgeries). Francois is a member of the French Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery Society, the French Arthroscopy Society, the French Shoulder and Elbow Society, and the European Shoulder and Elbow Society.

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